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20 questions to get to know Layla Rundle - Travel Blogger

20 questions to get to know Layla Rundle - Travel Blogger
1. What’s your nickname? 
Lay or my dad calls me lollie (haha) 


2. Three words to best describe you? 
Happy, Outgoing and motivated 


3. How long have you been living in Canada for and what inspired you to move there?
I've been living in Canada for almost a year now, the reason why I came here is I was looking to do something new, something challenging. I have never travelled on my own before so moving countries for two year was very daunting at first, but its now been the best thing I have done for myself! I have definitely grown so much as a person :)


4. What exercise gets you happily active? 
I love being outdoors so in the summer I enjoy running , walking and hiking and in winter I enjoy skiing and more gym based routine workouts.


5. What’s your favourite post workout snack?
I usually workout in the mornings,  I generally go for a fruit (lately craving bananas or oranges) and a big glass of water. After a workout I will have a big breaky including either eggs or oats.


6. How do you stay motivated?
I stay motivated by doing the things that I love such as; Photography, staying out doors and ending my day with a good series and herbal tea (sometimes dark chocolate too)


7. You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why 
Electric blue! that colour gives me energy and also makes me feel calm, I always use a lot of Blue highlights in my instagram pictures.


8. Who is your biggest inspiration, and why? 
My Parents!! They have worked so hard to make sure my future was bright, I was originally born in South Africa and they moved to Australia so that I would have a better education and more opportunities.


9. Fun fact about you? 
I have a really big sweet tooth and will always say yes to dessert.


10. What can’t you live without?
 A few things... The Mountains , coffee, sun and of course friends & family 


11. How would you describe your job to a child?
 Hmmm ... I work at a hotel and I help show people where places are.


12. If you’ve had a bad day what do you do to cheer yourself up?
I will eat some dark chocolate with tea and listen to my music.


13. When do you feel most balanced? 
When I'm outside, nothing beats Mountain air.


14. How would you define ‘Happily Active’?
Doing what you love for the soul while moving your body and feeling the good energy by being happily active :)


15. If you could be anyone else for a day who would it be, and why?
I would love to be Reese Witherspoon! she is an absolute babe , super funny, down to earth, very motivated and outdoorsey! Id love to see what a day would be like in her world! 
Being on a movie set or just something extraordinary like the hike she did in the movie (be wild)


16. Biggest fear?  
Having my freedom taken from me!


17. I’m happiest when… 
When I'm surrounded by happy people, I enjoy socializing and sharing experiences with others. 


18. What’s the most useless talent you have? 
Being able to wiggle my ears (haha)


19. Summer or winter?
Hard i love both! .... Winter only if theres snow!


20. What’s your favourite quote/mantra, and why?
Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground
I feel like this is me, always dreaming of big things but to stay grounded and humble.


Find Layla on Instagram: @laylarundle

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