20 Questions to get to know Monique Peeler - Model

Sara Barnett

Posted on October 22 2018

20 Questions to get to know Monique Peeler - Model
1. What is your nickname? 


2. Three words to describe you? 

Old-soul, honest, laidback 

3. What exercise gets you happily active? 

Long walks or yoga

4. What can’t you live without? 
My dog Noah 😂 & the tv show offspring haha

5. Who is your biggest inspiration, and why? 
I can’t just pick one. I get inspired by different people everyday. Pretty much anyone who has gone through something distressing/tough and still continue to show compassion, love and determination when they could just as easily given up. 

6. Always in my fridge: 

Soft cheese & sparkling water 

7. If you could be anyone else for a day who would it be, and why? 

Nina from offspring because she always has a delicious looking man in her life.

 8. You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why? 

Yellow! Because I’m bright and bubbly

9. How would you describe your job to a child? 

I get to dress up and take pictures for magazines 

10. Vegemite or peanut butter? 

So hard 😂 peanut butter... maybe

11. If you’ve had a bad day what do you do to cheer yourself up? 

Make myself a nice cup of green tea and take it easy

12. When do you feel most balanced? 

By the ocean

13. Who’s your favourite Disney character 

Moana or Rapunzel in Tangled

14. If I’m stressed I…. 

Write in my journal or cook/bake. You can always tell if I’m stressed if I am in the kitchen hahaha

15. Biggest fear? 

Not being able to be a mum or living a mediocre life.

16. I am happiest when… 

I’m surrounded with my beautiful friends and family, outside by the beach on a warm arvo/night. 

17. If you could be anywhere right now where would you be? 

Overseas (literally anywhere haha)

18. What’s the most useless talent you have? 
I can make my tongue move in ridiculous ways ahah

19. Summer or winter? 


20. What’s your favourite quote/mantra, and why? 
“Real recognised real” Because it will keep you grounded. If you are real and true to yourself, you will attract people who are also on your level. That, or “don’t forget the moon while chasing the stars” someone close to my heart told me that when I first started getting modelling gigs - never forget where you started. Stay humble.

Find Monique on Instagram: @moniquepeeler_

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