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5 Running Playlists

5 Running Playlists

You guys absolutely loved the last time we did this blog post so we thought we'd bring it back to help inject some motivation into your next run! 

We've taken the hard work out of scrolling through Spotify trying to find a good playlist for you.

Check out the following top 5 Running Playlists we found, enjoy these on your next run:

- Running Songs 2020 - by LoudKult

5hrs 51mins of mixed beats to help you through your next run. 

- Running Pop Playlist - by Mario Mig

8hrs 7 mins of pop tracks to keep you pounding the pavement for longer. All the songs in the list have an epic beat to run to. 

- Running couch to 5k- by Sarlizgrif

10hrs 1min of songs to get you motivated and through the next 5k! Nothing better than a mixed playlist with epic beats to keep you moving and smashing your goals.

- Running Hits - By Filtr Finland

3hrs 28mins of all the tunes you need to get a a great run in. Improve your running pace with these tracks

- Running UK - By Spotify

2hrs 48mins of songs that will get you in the right headspace for an epic run. Let these beats help you run longer and further. 

We hope you enjoy these playlists as much as we do :) Enjoy your next run with these epic tunes. 



**If you have any good playlist suggestions that you would like us to feature on our next blog please email us at 


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