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5 Top Tips to Choosing the Right Sports Bra

5 Top Tips to Choosing the Right Sports Bra

5 top tips to choosing the right sports bra for you

There is nothing worse than wearing an ill-fitting sports bra that leaves you bouncing all over the place while you’re trying to workout. Am I right or am I right?! 

Choosing the right sports bra is crucial for keeping the girls safe and in place while you train. Fact most sports bras are not designed for working out!  

We have put together our top 5 tips to consider when purchasing your next sports bra/crop:

  • Support - #bouncenomore

Well this is a no brainer, but can often be missed when cute crops and sports bras present themselves. Number one rule when purchasing a sports bra is finding one that will keep your girls supported so you can train freely without having to hold them in place. We have found sports bras with an under-bust elastic band a great addition to providing maximum support as it helps to strap the ladies in place.

Let’s be real, no one wants to be bouncing all over the place (OUCHH)! Make sure you bounce test every sports bra before purchasing or committing!

  • Design

Design is a key factor to consider when selecting the right sports bra for you. Keep in mind what activities you like to do, whether it be yoga, running, boxing or HIIT training each activity will require a different amount of movement and support. We often find a racerback design perfect for multiple workouts as it allows for a free range of movement. 

Another aspect to consider when looking at the design of a sports bra is the amount of coverage the crop will provide you with. You may like to workout showing off your crop or maybe you cover it either way you deserve to be wearing a crop that makes your feel strong and confident.

  • Fabric

Fabric is a massive player in a great sports bra! The fabric choice can make or break the support and bounce factor of the sports bra. We recommend you choosing a fabric with technical features (for example a fabric with two-way stretch, four-way stretch), moisture wicking (I think this one is pretty self explanatory! But for the love of your ladies, please make sure this is feature in your next sports bra!) and lastly you want enough stretch in the fabric so you have a full range of movement so you’re not constricted or uncomfortable in your next workout.

  • Fit 

Your crop has a big job or holding your ladies in place and the fit of your crop will massively help! When choosing the right size we highly recommend you opt for a nice firm fitting sports bra but not so firm that it’s uncomfortable or restrictive. As we said earlier, make sure you always do a bounce check before committing to the crop. Jump around, shimmy whatever you need to do to make sure you feel nice and supported. 

Note: Some crops you may actually find you are more supported by downsizing in them (this is dependant on your dress & cup size). 

  • Added extras 

Removable padding: padding is not everyone’s jam, we totally get that! Removable padding can be a great option though so you can pop it in or out whenever you want. It can be great at offering some extra help with support, shape and coverage as well as adding a little extra to your already lovely ladies.

Mash Panels: mesh panels are amazing additions to sports bras/crops as it allows for some extra breathability. We all know how sweaty it can get for the ladies, especially in summer! Mesh panels provide that extra ventilation to help keep you cool while you sweat it out.

Underwire: I would be very careful when choosing a sports bra with underwire. It may seem like they’re offering you more support and shape but they can be very uncomfortable when you’re jumping or bouncing around. The wire tends to rub and dig during workouts especially your more high intensity ones as the wire does not bend or move with your body.

Check out our range of crops here.

If you need any guidance or help choosing don’t be shy - email me at

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