5 top work from home playlists

Sara Barnett

Posted on April 21 2020

5 top work from home playlists

Behind every great work day is an epic playlist motivating you to get your jobs done. Now more than ever we'll be relying on our music to get us through the work days especially without having people around us. Sometimes there is nothing better to boost your mood than a good list of uplifting beats! 

We've done the hard work of sourcing & creating playlists for you. 

Check out the following five playlists next time you are sitting down to work.

- wfhCHILL by Ryan Ramsay

7hr 48mins of mixed old school and new tunes. This playlist will have you singing and bopping your head while you work.

- Paint & Chill by Olivia Molly Rogers 

7hrs 12mins of chilled out beats. I absolutely love working to this playlist when I need a little more concentration. A great mix of chilled out happy beats :)

- #WFH by Lou Lou Lou Lips

2hrs 12mins of tunes to get you motivated to work through your to do list. This playlist has a great mix of new & old school tunes. Absolutely love listening to this on Friday afternoons to get me excited for my weekend.

- Chill by Sara Barnett

6hrs 49mins of all the tunes you need to get through your work day. A mix of chilled and upbeat R&B tunes.

-RNB by Anthony Barnett

10hrs 11mins of songs that will get you in the right headspace for an epic work day. A mixture of new & old school RNB tracks. A great playlist to have playing while you work through that never ending todo list.

We hope you enjoy these playlists as much as we do :) Enjoy your next work day with these upbeat tunes. We hope you're staying safe & healthy.

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**If you have any good playlist suggestions that you would like us to feature on our next blog please email us at hello@treballactive.com 


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