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Free workouts to keep you moving during Lockdown 4.0

Free workouts to keep you moving during Lockdown 4.0

Another lockdown in Victoria means that we are back to home workouts & having to self motivate. So we wanted to try help make the next few days a little easier for you. We have put together a list of some of our favourite free Youtube workouts. There are so many options at our finger tips and you don't have to pay a cent!  Here's a few of our favourites:


  • Yoga with Adriene:

Yoga for Tension Relief - 28 minutes

Wind down bedtime yoga - 12 minute

Full body flow - 20 minutes

Sunrise yoga for your morning practice - 15 minute


  • Heather Robertson

Heather has a range of killer workouts

Killer HIIT Cardio Workout - 13 minutes of power

At home cardio workout // no equipment - 31 minutes


  • Pamela Reif

20 minute full body workout // no equipment

10 minute HIIT workout // no equipment


  • MadFit

15 minute Dance Party Workout // no equipment

15 minute dance party workout - Arianna Grande // no equipment


  • Kayla Itsines

30 minute strength workout //no equipment

Kayla has heaps of free workout videos available on youtube. Most are suitable for working out at home without equipment. Check them out below:


If you have any recommendation you'd like to share with our community please email them through to and we will add them to the list :) As they say in High School Musical "We're all in this together"... yep we went there.. Haha. 


Stay safe everyone.



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