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Lockdown with Tully Smyth

Lockdown with Tully Smyth

Firstly, thank you so much for agreeing to chat with us and for sharing your experience. You’re such an inspiration & your transparency on your profile is always so refreshing to see!  

We thought we’d ask Tully a few general/fun questions on how she's dealing with lockdown and find out what she's doing to keep busy and sane.

  • How are you coping with Melbourne’s Stage 4 Lockdown? 
  • Firstly, thank you so much for asking! At the risk of sounding like everyone else, it’s been a rollercoaster. There are good days, days where you jump up out of bed and smash out an at-home workout before making a loaf of bread and getting on top of your tax return… and then there are bad days. Where it’s hard to see the point of getting out of bed and you struggle to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But all up, I think I’m doing okay.

  • What’s been the hardest for you during lockdown?
  • Not being able to see my friends and family, for sure. My family are up in Sydney so I’m not even sure when I’ll be allowed back in the state. My dad is getting older now so that is something that always plays heavily on my mind. 

    On top of that, I haven’t seen the majority of my friends in weeks, some in months. I’m single, so I really look forward to weekends and dinners with my friends and having that taken away from you… it’s really tough. 

  • Have you been working out during this lockdown? If so, how are you staying motivated? Have you been using any fitness apps/programs?
  • Yes and no! I go through stages. Lockdown round 1 I was a machine! Taking up all sorts of ‘30 day’ challenges… I did a yoga for beginners one and a squat challenge. This round has been slightly slower… I definitely find if you set an alarm, stick to some sort of ‘normal’ routine and put your activewear on as soon as you get out of bed, you’re far more likely to do SOME form of exercise… even if it’s 40 squats while you wait for the kettle to boil.

    My girlfriend Britt (@brittactive) has a few at-home sessions saved onto her IGTV that I’ve been using but they’re bloody hard! I also have been meaning to try the new KIC program… might have to see if Steph and Laura will give me a mate’s rate! Haha

  • There’s no doubt that these lockdowns have been hard on everyone’s mental health, are there any lifestyle changes that you have implemented into your daily routine to improve yours?
  • So hard. I’ve obviously struggled with anxiety my whole life but I’ve got friends who have never experienced it before suddenly feeling overwhelmed and anxious. It breaks my heart. 

    I’ve definitely changed some habits in lockdown...I think, like a lot of people, I was heavily drinking in round 1. It felt a bit like a long weekend, every single day and I was cracking open the bottle of rose earlier and earlier. Quickly realised that was doing me NO favours so try to keep the drinking to weekends, as if we weren’t in lockdown at all.

    I’m talking on the phone a lot more… both normal conversations and FaceTime. That’s always been something I’ve avoided if I can, I much prefer texting however it’s basically the only way I’m able to see my loved one’s faces at the moment and I’ve found, even if I dread making the call...I always feel 110% better afterwards.

    Limiting my screen time has helped too… not having the television on during the day but also putting my phone (and TikTok!) down of a night and reading a book instead has helped my mental stage greatly.

  • If you are having a bad/flat day what is your go-to to help change the cycle?
  • Getting out in the fresh air and going for a walk. I think as restrictions have gotten tighter and masks are now mandatory… I know a lot of my friends have been leaving their house less and less because it all just feels too hard. Taking our 1 hour Government allowed walk a day- ideally in the sunshine- really breaks up the day. It gets you out of the house, gets your body moving and gives you a change of scenery. 

    Talking to a friend also helps. I think at the moment we’re worried there are people much worse off than ourselves, so we’re hesitant to open up to friends about how we’re feeling. A quick vent with a friend always makes me feel less isolated. 

  • Have you been binge watching any TV series? Do you have any good recommendations for us?
  • I’ve recently binged ‘Love Life’ starring Anna Kendrick on Stan and absolutely LOVED it. Am so sad I’ve got no new episodes left! Have also just started ‘Upload’ on Amazon Prime and it is SO up my alley- it’s like The Sims meets ‘The Truman Show’ meets ‘The Good Place’. 

  • Do you have any good books or podcast recommendations for us, (apart from of course your new podcast, Too Much Tully!! If you haven’t already you need to get on it!)?
  • Well yes OBVIOUSLY, my podcast, ‘Too Much Tully’ but I’ve also been loving ‘Trace’- I’m a HUGE true crime fan and it is as dark and disturbing as it is gripping. ‘Extreames’ by Vice is also enthralling and hosted by a dear friend of mine Julian… some of those stories, you can’t even believe what you’re hearing!

  • As someone with a large following & strong presence in the media, how do you go dealing with the noise and any negative comments? Do you have any advice for anyone also dealing with this?
  • It’s deafening some days. A few weeks back, it was pretty intense and got the better of me. I haven’t been that wound up or upset by strangers on the internet in a very long time. When it’s your job, it’s hard to just “switch off”. I can’t simply “put my phone away”. I think we, as influencers, but also anyone in the public eye sometimes have these unrealistic expectations to be the Perfect Human Being, and the thing is… we’re not. Nobody is. We’re just humans, flawed humans who sometimes make mistakes except when we make one… we have 211,000+ people telling us to go kill ourselves. It’s overwhelming.

    The only bit of advice I have is to try to remember that it won’t be forever. In a day, a week… there will be something else for them to be angry about. 9 times out of 10 it’s not personal. You should only worry about the opinions of the people that love you, the people that know the real you. Everybody else is just white noise. 

  • Have you jumped on the Iso baking bandwagon? If yes, what’s your favourite recipe to bake? 
  • Absolutely! You name it, I’ve baked it! I actually baked some brownies just yesterday and had trouble finding a spare Tupperware container because my housemate Peita had baked banana muffins on the weekend.

    Banana bread is definitely a fave… Peita nailed home-made garlic focaccia too. 

  • Have you jumped on any other Iso Bandwagons? 
  • Well I’ve yet to attempt to give myself a fringe or dye my two front strands pink but surely the day-drinking and “30 day” challenges are included in the Iso Bandwagons? I think we even did a puzzle in lockdown round 1...

  • Last but not least, What has been your go-to iso outfit?
  • That’s so easy- activewear and uggs. Tights, a tee, big sloppy joe and then ugg boots. I’ve refused to buy ugg boots most of my life because I really hate seeing people wear them out in public (especially when I was living in the UK). THEY ARE AN INSIDE SHOE PEOPLE!

    But truly, it’s been the best 2020 purchase so far. That, and our slow-cooker.

    Is there anything else you would like to share about your experience, any other advice or general comments?

    Just to remember that it’s okay not to be okay.

    We’ve basically been in “fight or flight” mode since March and to just to the best you can, day by day.

    It won’t be like this forever, I promise, so hang in there. We’ve got this!

    Find Tully on Instagram @tee_smyth & check out her new podcast @TooMuchTully

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