How to care for your activewear

There's nothing worse than ruining your fave activewear! 

Knowing that we have decided to share these simple Active-Care tricks to help save your activewear and keep it supporting you for longer, think of it as the self-care guide for your activewear:

  • Gentle, cold machine wash only, preferably in a wash bag.
  • Wash Inside out - Washing your activewear inside out is the most preferred way as it's the part that has the closest contact with your skin, sweat, dirt dead skin cells and sweat (gross!) So washing them inside out makes sure the detergent gets to work quicker, it also keeps the outer layer of your garments protected.
  • Avoid all fabric softeners! Fabric softeners blocks the moisture wicking properties of the clothes making them smell worse (NO THANK YOU)! There is NO need for fabric softeners when washing activewear as by way of nature, activewear is already soft and comfortable (well ours is!!) so it does not need softening.
  • Lay them flat or hang them up to dry. Avoid sunlight at all costs! As we all know the sun can damage and fade our favourite dark garments and there's nothing worse than the 'washed out' activewear look.
  • Avoid chucking it in the dryer at all costs (they’re quick to air dry anyway!)
  • Ditto ironing… although you don’t strike us as the stand around an iron stuff type..
  • Bleach is for hair, not your activewear
  • Avoid rough surfaces (apart from your chiseled abs and rock hard glutes 😉... sorry we had to go there, it was left wide open haha!)

How easy is that? Cold wash, air dry, enjoy for longer!

We KNOW activewear, And there is NOTHING worse than when you have to throw away your favourite pair of leggings because they got damaged/destroyed during the washing process. So that being said it’s now time to start implementing these simple methods into your washing routine to ensure your activewear lasts as long as possible. And if you need an activewear upgrade, we always have you covered! Shop our latest collection at

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February 26, 2020 — Maestrooo Collaborator