How to stay Happily Active this holiday season!

8 Tips to stay motivated this holidays season.

With the holiday season upon us it’s sometimes hard to stay motivated and stick to our gym routines. Life is about to get crazy busy with Christmas & New Years celebrations. The holiday season is the easiest time to let all your hard work go, it’s also a very easy time to overindulge and feel bad about it.

We’ve put together a few tips and tricks to help you stay Happily Active this festive season.

  1. Continue to prioritise your health everyday - this includes healthy eating and exercise, just because it’s the holidays this shouldn’t mean all our good habits and hard work should fly out the window. It’s so important to look after yourself everyday even during the holidays.
  2. Schedule in your exercise as you would if you were meeting up with a friend - if you can book into a class we suggest doing that as it will make you go. You wouldn’t bail on your friends so shouldn’t be bailing on your own health and wellness.
  3. Stay hydrated - more often than not we confuse hunger for dehydration. Drink up to 2L of water a day to stay hydrated. If you have an event on where you will drinking alcohol make sure you are well hydrated before the event and continue to drink water throughout the event.
  4. Arrange to go for walks with friends - rather than meeting friends at a local cafe for brunch/lunch suggest going for a walk instead. Not only will you be killing two birds with one stone but you’ll also save yourself some money.. Win win in our eyes especially during such an expensive season.
  5. Get enough sleep zzzz - when we don’t get an adequate enough sleep, our body releases the hunger hormone ghrelin, which increases our appetite and increases our cravings for sugary foods… we can totally relate to this!
  6. Make some healthy treats to take to Christmas parties- not only will you be loved for bringing food but you’ll also be able to snack on those treats rather than something that may be full of artificial sugars.
  7. Be mindful of your drinking - as we are all aware alcohol is loaded with calories and there is nothing worse than drinking too much and being left with a throbbing headache. Limit yourself to 2-3 drinks and avoid the sugary cocktails, try to stick to clear spirits with fresh lemon or lime and soda water or red wine - these are the best options. Also make sure you drink water during each glass and as we said before make sure you are well hydrated before the event.
  8. Don’t be too hard on yourself - give yourself permission to enjoy the foods you love just try to do it in smaller portions. If you deprive yourself of your favourite foods you may end up binging on them later so it is always better to have smaller portions more regularly than a blow out and be left feeling anxious and depressed about it.

We hope you all have an amazing Christmas and New Years break and enjoy spending time with your loved ones. We really appreciate all your support this year and we cannot wait for a big 2019! 


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