Keep It Simple Shani's Tips For Traveling With Intolerances

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Posted on August 01 2019

Keep It Simple Shani's Tips For Traveling With Intolerances

Keeping It Simple Abroad

Traveling abroad has to be one of life's greatest pleasures (well for me anyway). I love exploring new places, finding hidden gems and browsing international supermarkets… yes you heard me correctly. I could spend hours browsing and looking at all the different brands of food. 

I recently returned from a trip to Europe. I explored London, Ireland, Mallorca & Barcelona. I love traveling as it gives us an opportunity to be inspired by international cuisines and try new things…

Traveling whilst following a gluten free, dairy free, vegan / pescatarian diet may be considered challenging - maybe even restrictive? I agree to a certain extent - there were some times where I wished I could smash a baguette or chocolate ice cream. But I see traveling with intolerance like one big game...a search for the most *aligned* food. 

Throughout my time traveling (not to be confused with time-travelling), I have picked up quite a few little tips & tricks to share with you all. 

  • Plan the Plane 
  • I flew with Cathay Pacific and organised a ‘Raw Vegan Meal’... It was a selection of cut up vegetables and fruit using no oil, dairy or gluten. To be honest, I did get a little jealous when others received their Singapore noodles and bread BUT it was just what I needed. These meals were loaded with nutrients and was something light that didn't make me feel sick. 

    Other tips: 

    • Pack some plane friendly snacks. Eg. Nuts, healthy snacks. 
    • Fresh fruit is always available on long distance flights, you just need to ask the flight attendant. 
    • Stay hydrated… seriously smash the water on the plane. This will not only keep you hydrated, but it will make you get up and move your legs when you need to go to the bathroom! 
  • Make friends with salad & fruit 
  • These were my go to’s whilst traveling. Super easy to order, you know exactly what you are getting and your body will thank you for the nutrient hit. I recommend asking for the dressing on the side, just in case it looks dodgy!

    Other tips: 

    • Fruit is the best and most convenient ‘grab and go’ snack you can trust. Available pretty much everywhere and will fill you up.
    • If you are concerned about nasty oils in dressing whilst travelling, just ask for fresh wedge of lemon. 
    • Fresh fruit juices are also a great go - to. 
  • Learn the lingo 
  • It might be obvious, but learn how to say ‘No Gluten’ & ‘No Dairy’ or ‘Vegan’ in the native tongue. This will save your bacon (excuse the terrible pun!). 

  • Build your own 
  • This is a life saver, especially when traveling in places such as Ireland where a lot of the food is meat based & stodgy. Ask the waiters to build you a plate with mushrooms, spinach, cabbage, potatoes, carrots, etc… or whatever they have on hand that suits you. I had some really great meals that I just customised - even when the menu looked daunting. 

  • Load up on breaky 
  • They weren’t joking when they said breakfast was the most important meal of the day. I would always have a filling breakfast, focusing on fresh fruits. This would give my stomach a fresh start to the day. 

    6. Don’t sweat it 

    This one has taken me years to master (and I’m still learning). Try not to beat yourself up if you eat something that makes you feel crap. You are on holidays, relax and enjoy yourself. 

    Take one, all or none … these are just some ideas to help make traveling with a fussy tummy a bit easier.

    Oh and ps… I’m learning Spanish! 

    Adios Amigos, 

    Shani x

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