Keep It Simple Shani's Winter Hacks

Keep It Simple Shani's Winter Hacks

Keep It Simple Shani's Winter Hacks

Let’s be real - winter is the ‘Monday’ of the seasons. It’s cold, it’s wet and the only way we can get a tan is from a bottle. Over the years, I have suffered from the cold, but realised a couple of things along the way:

  1. Winter is coming (every friggin year) I can’t change it but I can change my mindset.
  2. There is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing.
  3. Winter is a time for hibernating, restoring & relaxing - so in summertime we can come out in full bloom.

Every year I would get smarter at ‘surviving’ winter (yes I am being dramatic, but bare with me). In my short 26 years around the sun, I have come up with 5 hacks wanted to get you through winter:

  • Don’t feel guilty about being an antisocial nanna for 3 months.
  • Yes you will probably watch a crazy amount of Netflix. You may even resort to Stan once you have exhausted all other options. But know that you inner socialite will return once the sun comes out. Take this time to rest and relax - you deserve it.

  • Exercise some serious self love.
  • For me this one is a hard one and has taken a long time to come to terms with. My body changes a lot during the winter, I put on my ‘winter coat’, my skin fades from golden to pale, my acne flares up, I have less energy, feel less motivated. But winter doesn’t last forever and these changes don’t last forever… so stick it out, book in for that massage, facial, pedicure or whatever you need to feel good.

    1. Put together a winter supply kit.

    This is a super fun one. Heading into winter, set aside a morning (heck even a day) to get together your supply kit. Go large, go luxe… as some would say, treat yourself!

      1. Warm Pjs
      2. Flannelette Sheets
      3. Hand Warmers
      4. Hot Water Bottle
      5. Herbal Teas

  • Head to the infrared sauna.
  • This was a game changer for me. It is so important to sweat it out and i’m not just talking gym sweat. I’m talking cellular level sweat!! Get into an infrared sauna, this gets you into fat burning mode & helps sweat out toxins.

    2. Cook exotic foods that are warming for the soul

    Check out one of my favourite recipes below:

    Rainbow Rice Nasi Goreng  


    ½ Brown Onion - diced

    1 Red Capsicum - small diced

    ½ Cup Cauliflower - Riced

    ⅔ Cup Brown Rice - pre cooked & cooled

    1 Carrot - Riced

    1 handful Green Beans - Cut in half

    1 handful Kale - Shredded

    1 handful Purple Cabbage - Shredded

    150 grams Tempeh - Pan Fried

    Drizzle of Coconut Aminos or Tamari (If using tamari, blend with agave or honey to sweeten)

    ½ teaspoon Minced Garlic

    ½ teaspoon Minced Ginger

    Salt & Pepper


    Black Sesame Seeds

    Wedge Lime

    Spring Onions

    Radishes - thinly sliced

    Fresh Chilis (optional)


    Single Serve

    Put all ingredients in a jug & blend with bar mix.

    ½ teaspoon ginger & garlic

    Drizzle of Tamari

    ½ teaspoon miso paste

    2 tablespoons peanut butter

    1 tablespoon Honey / Rice Malt or Agave if vegan



    Dash of water to adjust consistency


    1. In a pan, heat the onions and saute until brown.
    2. Add capsicum, green beans and saute until cooked through.
    3. Add the cooked brown rice, cauliflower rice & carrot rice.  
    4. Add the ginger, garlic, drizzle with coconut aminos, stir until combined.
    5. Add the kale & purple cabbage last minute (we just want to stir this through rather than let it cook too much)
    6. Season with salt & pepper.
    7. Garnish with toppings, sauce & enjoy!


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