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Playlists for every mood

Playlists for every mood

There's noting like a great playlist to change your mood. They can help you get ready for an epic workout, or a relaxing playlist can help you chill out &/or go to sleep. We've popped together a list of our latest favourite playlists for you. These are our current go-to's for our workdays, workouts, girls nights and sleep/relaxation.

Check out the following playlists that we've been listening to lately:

Work day Playlists:

WORKupbeat by Sara Barnett

9hr 22mins - A mixture of upbeat tunes to get you through the workday :) Some tunes you'll find yourself singing along too they're that good!

Slow mornings by Liezl_Camille

19hrs 6mins of easy listening. Love having this playlist going while I'm working. It's very chilled out and has some great tracks in it.


Running/Workout Playlists:

Motel Mexicola Bali by Mariska Noviantika

7hrs 42mins of tunes to help you run further and stay motivated. Absolutely loved this upbeat playlist, it reminded me of great times I've had in Bali at Motel Mexicola.


Girls night Playlists:

R&B classics by Spotify

6hrs 50mins of R&B throwbacks, think TLC, Ginuwine, Destiny's Child... They cover it all. Perfect playlist to have playing when you have the girls around for some wine and cheese :)

PartyPARTY by Ryan Ramsay

5hrs 55mins of songs that will get you up and dancing. The perfect playlist for your next living room party.



- Sleep Hypnosis by Positive Life Therapy Limited

24mins - Struggling to fall asleep & stay asleep? Give this a try. It has helped me so much in the past month, I highly recommend! 

-Relaxing massage by Spotify

12hrs 13mins of relaxing music. The perfect soundtrack for meditation, yoga, or even to fall asleep/nap with. Tried and tested and it always helps me drift off.


We hope you enjoy these playlists as much as we do :) 



**If you have any good playlist suggestions that you would like us to feature on our next blog please email us at 


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