Rebrand Story
After only a couple of years in the market you might be wondering why we thought now would be a good time to change our logo. 

In late 2019, while in the process of trademarking our original logo, we were approached by lawyers representing a large US company claiming that our logo was infringing on their trademark.
Whilst we didn't agree with their claim we were advised that it could cost us tens of thousands to defend the right to maintain our former logo so we decided that it would be much better to invest than money in product design, expansion and improvement 

We also decided to treat this speedbump as a fantastic opportunity to reassess and reevaluate who we now are as a business. This attitude to life, and using a positive mindset to see potential problems as great opportunities is part of what we believe in as a company, and we are excited to walk the talk, not just talk the talk.

We love our old logo, but feel like our new one represents who we are now - clean, elegant, and bold. 

So, welcome to the new look Treball - the same great quality products, with our emphasis on functional movement and integrity, but with a new lease on life!

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July 12, 2020 — Sara Barnett