Owner of Salt Pilates Studio Bec Hopkins' Tips to Stay Motivated this Winter

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Posted on June 26 2019

Owner of Salt Pilates Studio Bec Hopkins' Tips to Stay Motivated this Winter

We get it. It's cold, wet and pitch black at 6am. Your early morning Pilates class looks less and less appealing as the winter days go on! Maintaining some motivation - or discipline - during the winter is hard! But health and fitness is a year round thing, your body needs to move just as much (if not more) in Winter as it does in summer… After all, Summer bodies are made in winter!

I have written up a few tips to help us stay motivated through the cold winter months.

New clothes

We are more likely to stay motivated if we have new clothes. And thats a fact! I am LOVING Treball Active’s Relaxed Rosie Jumper to keep me warm whilst teaching classes.

Try something new

Winter can be the perfect time to change up your workout routine. Check out classes in your area which interest you. Do you love running outside in the Summer sun but as soon as Winter hits you couldn’t think of anything worse? Why not try Pilates. Are you a yogi who wants to try boxing?! It is the perfect time to step away from your comfort zone.

Set a goal

Have a think about what you want to achieve over the next couple of months. It may be as simple as sticking to a specific number of classes each week, taking more challenging spring options on the Reformer or running around The Tan with a faster time. Or maybe you want to set your goals higher. Why not sign up for a marathon!

Stay accountable

We all LOVE to make excuses. “It was too cold this morning” or “I had to work late this evening” or “my dog ate my homework”. One lazy day turns into two and the next thing you know you've not exercised for over a week and it is even harder to get back into it!

1. You are more likely to stick to something if you write your goals down. Book your classes each Sunday for the week ahead and schedule your workouts in your diary.

2. Set your workout clothes next to your bed the night before so its easy for you to hop out of bed!

3. Find a training buddy! That way you wont let each other down and you are more inclined to get your training sessions done.

Our 6 Week Winter Pilates Challenge starts on July 1st… What better way to keep accountable over winter?! We have a different focus each week to help with your goals. The best part… ticking off your classes each day on our in-studio challenge boards can be so satisfying and motivating.

Want to join our 6 Week Winter Challenge? We have a special discount code for Treball Active customers :)

  1. Download our Salt Pilates Studio App for free from your App store.
  2. Head to the “Buy” section to find our 6 week Winter Challenge
  3. Use the code TREBALL10 for 10% off our Winter Challenge 

 Find Bec on Instagram: @salt_pilates_studio


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