Sara's Hot Tips to Dealing with Stress & Overwhelm

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Posted on August 23 2019

Sara's Hot Tips to Dealing with Stress & Overwhelm
Do you ever have those days where you feel overwhelmed and like you're spinning too many plates at once? 😓😩⠀
Here's a little reminder to stop and take a break. Take a moment to look after your own health and fill up that cup of yours. As they say "you can't pour from an empty cup!"⠀
Here's some of my go-to tips for when I'm feeling overwhelmed and stressed out:⠀
✨Disconnect from everything ⠀
✨Meditate for 15-20 minutes ⠀
✨Brain dump - write out everything that is playing on your mind and all the things you have to do⠀
✨Write yourself a to-do list and then prioritise your jobs, if you can delegate some of the tasks out.⠀
✨Go for a gentle walk outside and breathe in some fresh air ⠀
✨Take some time for self-care, for me that is having a bath, doing a face mask playing music and lighting some candles ⠀
✨Talk it out. Speak to a loved one or someone you trust and get some advice 🤗 You're not alone and people will want to help you!⠀
Next time you feel like you're about to burst or have a breakdown, I challenge you to try some of these tips. If you have a go-to list of tips we'd love to hear yours too! Share them on our Instagram post (click here)

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