Talking all things mindful eating with Belly Blends Owners & Co-Founders Shani Timms & Georgie Janssen

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Posted on March 10 2020

Talking all things mindful eating with Belly Blends Owners & Co-Founders Shani Timms & Georgie Janssen

Do you ever find yourself eating because you are stressed, emotional or tired?

Or maybe when you eat you are so distracted that you go to take another mouthful only to find you’ve already finished your meal.

We know this feeling all too well. Being distracted whilst eating affects not only how much we eat (usually we overeat as we are not paying attention) and also how we digest food. 

We have all heard the statement ‘our gut is our second brain’, but it's important to keep this in mind when we are eating. Be conscious after you eat and assess whether that food has made you feel good, or maybe it has left you feeling a bit sluggish, maybe even the brain fog has set it. Once we are aware of how we feel after a meal, we can then take action to select foods that will lift us up & help us perform at our best. 

Mindful eating is something that we are very passionate about At Belly Blends (& we know the team at Treball are too). We encourage making food choices not because we are hungry but rather how am I nourishing my body. We have written up our 5 steps to eat more mindfully. 

  1. Check in with yourself before you eat: Are you eating because you are hungry? Or are you stressed, tired, bored or worried? Often we eat not because we are hungry but because we want comfort or to fill an emotional void. Bring a sense of curiosity to why & when you are 'hungry'. 
  1. Dedicate TIME to eating your meal: Ensure you chew you food (10-15 chews will do) and savour each bite. So often we rush through our meals and forget to enjoy our time eating. This not only rushes our digestion, but sends a stress message to our brain.  
  1. Turn off & tune in: Try turning off your phone and TV around meal time. Tune into what you are about to eat. What are the colours in your bowl? How does it smell? What is the temperature of the food? Where does the flavours hit your tongue? Actually looking at your food before hand is proven to increase stomach acid production and in turn improve digestion.  
  1. Sit down & relax: It's tempting to have lunch on the go or eat it sitting at your desk. Unfortunately this multi tasking is unproductive, you are sending a message of urgency to your digestive system and this can cause bloating and digestive discomfort. Try sitting at a table and avoid the couch! 
  1. Choose a nutritional & beneficial snack: Belly blends is more than just a snack to fill your up or satisfy a sugar craving. With gut loving gelatin, aloe vera, coconut, and so many more ingredients which your body recognises and is able to use. The blend is high in fat and protein whilst having no sugar it is the ultimate after food treat without all the nasties. The extra gut healing properties are just a bonus once you’ve tasted our blends!

So next time you sit down after dinner or come home from work, follow our simple principles on how to mindfully eat. 

Do you have any other ways we could be more consciously around meal time? Let us know in the comments below. 

Big love - S & G xoxo

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