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Top tips for saying fit, healthy & sane during lockdown 2.0

Top tips for saying fit, healthy & sane during lockdown 2.0

Top tips for saying fit, healthy & sane during lockdown 2.0

With all our favourite gyms closed - again - it an be so hard to keep your fitness routine going and stay motivated to maintain your healthy lifestyle. 

You might be tempted to just write off these 6 weeks and get back into your routine after lockdown, but don’t do it! We’ve caught up with the team at Callie, who have created the ultimate at home workout kit, to hear their top tips for staying fit, healthy and sane during lockdown.

How have you stayed motivated to keep fit and healthy during lockdown.

I’m not just saying this - but new activewear is a great motivator - I bought myself a Treball set in Lockdown 1.0, and it made me want to do a workout then and there!

The second thing is Routine - we got in the habit of sitting down on a Sunday night and planning our workouts for the week. A pilates class on a Monday, HIIT on a Wednesday and so on. We’d then stick it on the fridge. It’s amazing the difference it makes writing it down, your mind seems to unconsciously commit to it. 

Thirdly, find a workout you enjoy! There is no point forcing yourself to do a workout that you hate. We’ve had a lot of people come to us who loved their hardcore HIIT gym class, but have found the motivation to do 10,000 burpees in your living room just isn’t there. So set yourself realistic goals - 20 minutes of exercise is all you need - HIIT, pilates, a walk, whatever makes you happy.

Tips for staying sane?

Ration your news updates - Constantly watching the news or scrolling through your feeds can bring on bouts of stress and anxiety - find out what you need to know, but don’t obsess. 

Monday morning podcast walk - We listen to a motivating/inspiring podcast on our morning dog walk and that would really set us up for a great week. We especially recommend How I Built This. 

Enjoy happy hour - zoom/Facetime drinks with friends when you would usually have caught up with them for dinner.

Dress up - it is easy to get stuck in your trackies - make sure you still get dressed for your day, it’s amazing what it can do for productivity.

Monopoly deal - a lifesaver during Lockdown 1.0 and a much needed break from work & Netflix - if you haven’t played it, get it!

Why did you create the Callie App,  when there is a lot of competition out there for fitness apps?

There is a lot of great apps out there, that is for sure, but have you ever been doing a workout on an app and the instructor says “grab your dumbbells” and you’re like wait, I don’t have dumbbells! 

We saw there was a need for workouts to match the equipment. So we provide a compact kit alongside the app we give you everything you need for every workout, no matter if its pilates, HIIT, strength or cardio.

We also wanted to help support fitness trainers that are out of work with the closure of gyms - it has worked out well because we currently have 4 trainers from various gyms around Melbourne who all have really different workout styles which gives much needed variety. Keep an eye on our Workout of the Week page for free workouts every fortnight - currently we’ve got an at-home reformer pilates class up!

What’s your favourite piece of equipment in the Callie Kit?

Definitely the Sliders - they’re so versatile, I love an ab workout and these are great for really getting into your core. If you have some sliders (or socks on polished floor will work), we’ve got a 5 min ab challenge on our website for you to check out if you’re game - Slider Challenge


We know lockdown 2.0 hit our Melbourne friends pretty hard - so the team behind the Callie at-home fitness kit are softening the blow with free training on their fitness app for the whole of lockdown with any kit purchase! They’ve also given us an exclusive discount for Treball fans - just use code “TA10” at checkout! -

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