Trending workouts in Melbourne

Sara Barnett

Posted on May 08 2019

Trending workouts in Melbourne

Does working out feel like a chore for you, are you sick of your current workout routine or have you fallen off the “bandwagon” all together? Sounds like it’s time for you to try something new and fall back in love with moving your body.

I recently hit the two year mark at my gym and was feeling so unmotivated. I couldn’t understand why something that I used jump out of bed for in the morning, that was such an important part of my daily routine, was now feeling like a chore. I only stuck it out as long as I did because I loved the people I worked out with, but that could only take me so far, and once I started hitting the snooze button and skipping those morning sessions, I knew something had to change. It was time to mix things up and fall back in love with exercise and moving my body.

All over the world the fitness industry is booming, and Australia is certainly no exception. We are spoiled for choice, and if you are having to talk yourself into every session, or just not feeling motivated, then you may not be doing the right workouts for your body. There are so many different styles of gyms, workouts, trainers, and regimes that nowadays you can find something that caters to your individual needs. It is all about trialing different places until you find one that you love and enjoy doing. And it doesn’t even have to be one! Keep on trialling and keep your body and your mind guessing. Working out should always be fun! You should be celebrating what your body can do.

I recently spoke with one of Melbourne’s fitness enthusiast, Ariel Kaplan and she provided me with a list of amazing gyms and workouts that she loves to share when people ask her what to try out when they are training in Melbourne. Here they are in no particular order!

Bodhi & Ride


Salt Pilates Studio

KX pilates



Foxfit (PT)


Orange theory




Rise nation

Run Club

You may not be motivated right now but once you get out try something new you will feel amazing - trust me! It’s all about getting out of your comfort zone and pushing your personal boundaries. After spending a month trialling different gyms I feel SO motivated to get out and move my body more and try new workouts. There are so many out there that offer great intro packs to see if you enjoy them, it doesn’t have to hurt your wallet as much as your glutes! I also feel so much more confident in myself as it forced me to meet new people and create new friendships.

You should always be pushing yourself out of your comfort zones but also have fun whilst doing it! If you’re currently bored or unmotivated by your workouts get out there and try something new.

If you have any other recommendations we’d love to hear from you!!


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