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Winter Self-Care Menu - by Kate Mckay, Makeup Artist

Winter Self-Care Menu - by Kate Mckay, Makeup Artist

Winter is always a tough time for our skin and our mental health, throw in a Global pandemic, lockdown, isolation and face masks and it gives a whole new meaning to the word tough.

Here are my top 4 favourites things to do in winter that make myself and my skin feel better.


1. HYDRATION! I’ll scream this from rooftops, hydration is so so important for the well being of your skin. Our skin is our bodies biggest organ and you NEED to take care of it. In winter our skin dries out, and now that we are spending more time indoors and in front of heaters it’s even worse. My top pick for hydration is:

• Bangn Body Firming Lotion. It smells like a tropical holiday, it is fast -absorbing and has a luxe feel. For an even bigger pick me up try the Illuminating version. Using this moisturiser instantly lifts my mood and makes me feel summery.


2. Pamper yourself. Girl, life is hard and we spend so much time looking after other people you need to invest some of that time into you. Pick one night or afternoon a week (hell, do it every single night if it makes you feel better) to really focus on the ritual of self-care.

• Take a bath with bath salts or bath bombs, put heaps of bubbles in, put Friends reruns on the laptop and pour yourself a glass of wine and just relax.

• Shave your legs. I know it’s winter but there is no better feeling than getting into fresh sheets after doing a big exfoliate, shave and moisturise!

• Face mask it up. Not the surgical kind, the serum infused sheet kind. My faves are; GO-TO ‘Transforamzing Sheet Mask’ and Tatcha ‘Luminous Dewy Skin’ Sheet Masks. If it’s detoxifying you need, Hey Bud Clay Mask and Sand & Sea Pink Clay Mask are my top 2.

• Do a hair mask while you’re at it and then blow-dry and style it in whatever way makes you feel most amazing!


3. Exfoliate. Wash away the dead skin and feel silky smooth, and you don’t need to spend a fortune, my favourite body exfoliant is one I make myself at home. All you need is:

• Baby Oil (I use the Johnsons Aloe Vera one)

• Avocado Oil

• Raw Sugar

• Lavender Oil

4 tbs Raw Sugar

1 tbs Baby Oil

1 tbs Avocado Oil

A few drops of Lavender Oil (However strong you want it to smell)

Mix it all together and shake it up. You can also add coffee grounds to it if that's your vibe.


4. We’re not going out or dressing up and doing our makeup but a tan always makes me feel like hot and like I have my shit together and we need to feel good now more than ever. So if a healthy glowy tan makes you feel like a boss then girl, DO IT! Get used to doing things just for you, you deserve it. We all have our go-to, mine are any of the Bondi Sands products but in winter my number 1 is the Liquid Gold Oil.


I hope even one of these beauty/self-care tips can help bring a smile and a glow to your face. 2020 is hard, but we will get through it together and we can do a few things to help us come out looking and feeling like a Goddess.


Follow Kate on Instagram for more advice, inspiration, makeup hacks & how-to's:  @Katemckaymakeup



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