Five workout playlists to keep you motivated

Sara Barnett

Posted on March 30 2020

Five workout playlists to keep you motivated

Behind every great workout is an epic playlist with motivating tunes to keep you pushing. Now more than ever we'll be relying on our music to get us through the workout with gyms closed and personal trainers absent from our sweat sessions.


We've done the hard work of sourcing & creating playlists for you. 

Check out the following five playlists next time you are getting happily active.

- Beats by Sara Barnett 

9hr 22mins of mixed old school and new R&B tunes. Perfect for your next run, HIIT or strength session. 

- Runnin' by Olivia Molly Rogers 

2hrs 57mins of tracks to keep you pounding the pavement for longer. All the songs in the list have an epic beat to run to. We have tried and tested it ourselves and loved it!

Workout beats by Spotify 

4hrs 29mins of tunes to get you motivated to break your next sweat & will help you to keep pushing that extra mile.

- Workout motivation 2020 by Jay Cutler

4hrs 31mins of all the tunes you need to get a serious workout going. Get a serious energy boost for your high intense workouts with this playlist.

- MardiPardi by Ryan Ramsay

6hrs 51mins of songs that will get you in the right headspace for an epic workout! All these songs will have you can singing along and distracted from the workout and pain you may be going through.

We hope you enjoy these playlists as much as we do :) Enjoy your next workout with these epic tunes. 



**If you have any good playlist suggestions that you would like us to feature on our next blog please email us at 


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