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Ethics & Sustainability

We’re committed to making our activewear with only factories that believe in fair wages, no child labor and have safe and happy working conditions. When sourcing our factories we look for factors such as the quality of the garments, minimum ordering capacity, location & their everyday working conditions.


We are so happy to be working with such friendly factories that ethically produce our products both in Bail, Indonesia and Dongguan City, China. We try to work as closely with our factories as we can to ensure they continue to provide an ethical and safe facility for all their workers.

We started manufacturing our first collection just outside of Seminyak in Bali back in 2018, we absolutely loved working with this factory. In 2017, our factory workers were sent to Melbourne to meet their clients, so we were lucky enough to meet Novo and go through everything we were hoping to create for our first collection. Then in July 2018, before we launched Treball and it’s first collection we visited the factory. It was on this trip that we got to see first hand where our products were coming from and see how all workers were being treated. It was such an amazing experience and really helped open my eyes to the manufacturing process.

In early 2019 we moved our production to Dongguan City, China due to lower costs and quicker timelines. We are yet to visit our factory in China but it is in the pipeline to do so once it is safe again. In saying this though we have had many FaceTime calls, photos and videos sent to us of their working conditions and been shown their fair pay system, so we are confident that we are working with a safe & ethical factory. 

I've been working closely with Alec(my main contact in China) for the past year and half. He has helped me bring all my designs to life. Alec is an amazing support throughout our design process, he helps to source all our fabrics and keep us up to date with the latest industry techniques.


We are aware that the fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world, so we use the highest quality fabrics & threads that we can source, making sure the products are as functional and comfortable as possible. Our aim is to create slow fashion items that are better for the environment, and will quickly become a staple for your wardrobe and will not be quickly put into landfill

We aim to ensure that our fabric usage is as sustainable as possible, we try to work closely with our team in China to ensure we are getting the most out of our rolls of fabric to ensure as little wastage as possible. 

There is currently a big movement with activewear being created out of fabrics made from ‘recycled plastic,’ we have been experimenting with these fabrics but so far we have not found one that is cost effective and in enough of a high demand from our consumers. We will look to bring back our GoGo Gloria Collection once we gain more of a demand for the “shiny” fabric products. We are always on the lookout for a matte version of these recycled plastic fabric as this is what we’ve noticed our customers prefer... [watch this space].





Just like our activewear, we like to keep our packaging simple and minimal. By doing this we are helping to reduce the amount of waste we produce per order. We recently switched to the amazing No Issue home compostable postage satchels. We are absolutely loving these satchels and love that our customers have also been reusing them especially when exchanging or returning items to us.

We are trying to implement as many non-plastic solutions in our packaging & production. We are currently working with China to make the switch for all our product bags, so that they will be sent to us in compostable/biodegradable bags rather than a single use plastic bag. 

We will continue to try and do our part to help with the environment where we can and make Treball Active as environmentally friendly as possible.  




If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for us & our practices please do not hesitate to drop us a line at,