Ethics & Sustainability


At Treball we believe everybody deserves a safe & happy place to work at and that is why we are committed to only working with factories who do just this for their workers.

Factory & Ethical Work

We are so happy to be working with such friendly factories that ethically produce our products both in Bail, Indonesia and Dongguan City, China. We try to work as closely with our factories as we can to ensure they continue to provide an ethical and safe facility.

We absolutely loved our visit to Bali in 2018 to meet with the factory workers and see with our own eyes where our products were coming from. We are yet to travel to China but this is definitely in the pipeline once it is safe again to do so, in saying this though we have had many photos and videos sent to us of their working conditions and been shown their fair pay system. 

We are so proud to work with these factories and think it is so important that everybody is treated fairly. We all deserve the right to feel safe & happy in our workplaces and to be treated fairly. 

Fabrics & Products

At Treball All our products are designed to last the test of time. We use the highest quality fabrics that we can source, making sure the products are as functional and comfortable as possible. Our aim is to create slow fashion items that are better for the environment, and will quickly become a staple for your wardrobe and will not be quickly put into landfill.

We aim to ensure that our fabric usage is as sustainable as possible, we try to work closely with our pattern makers to ensure we are getting the most out of our rolls of fabric and creating as little to no fabric waste as possible. We are also trying to avoid using any dyes that may have harmful effects on our environment or our own health.

We have plans to expand our GoGo Gloria Collection in different colour ways and also add pockets to the existing product. Our GoGo Gloria set is made from our VitaSTEP fabric, which is our eco-friendly, recycled material (think plastic bottles, fishing nets carpet fluff etc,.) option. The goodness of this fabric literally shines through.


We keep our packaging minimal at Treball to help reduce the amount of waste we produce per order. We recently made the switch to the amazing Better Packaging Co home compostable postage satchels. We are absolutely loving these satchels and love that our customers have also been reusing them especially when exchanging or returning items.

Our goal for 20/21 is to limit our use in single use plastic and work with recyclable and biodegradable plastic in all aspects of our supply chain. We are working with China at the moment to implement this with our upcoming collections.

We are always looking for ways that we can improve our practices to make Treball as environmentally friendly as possible and we will continue to try and do our part to help with the environment where we can.  


If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for us & our practices please do not hesitate to drop us a line at,