About Us


It’s more than material, stitching and fibres. It’s an active lifestyle that we want to share with you.

For the morning runners, the heavy lifters, the bendy stretchers, the doers, dreamers and thinkers
(and even the leisurely coffee drinkers)...

This is for you.

Aussie owned

Treball Active has been plucked out of the brains of Melbournian brother and sister duo Anthony and Sara, who realised that being truly healthy had a lot more to do with how you feel than what kind of exercise you do.

And believe us, it’s versatile enough to wear doing pretty much an-y-thing.

We’ve sourced inspiration from our own active Australian lifestyle and woven it into every piece of the Treball collection!

Happily Active

Which brings us to our one mission:

To encourage you to be Happily Active.

Forget fake #hashtags about #livingyourbestlife ...

This was born out of the idea that if your mind, body and soul are balanced, then you really are living an aligned, purposeful and whole life.

This balancing act is reflected in everything we do and every piece of clothing we create.

What Customers are saying

Forget cookie cutter

Being Happily Active means something different to each person.

How boring would life be if we were all the same? That’s why we took the time to work with lots of different women with lots of different activewear needs, finding out what being Happily Active meant to each one.

Our diverse approach means that we’ve come up with a product that supports you when you move, squat, sit, life, jump, stretch and run – whether you’re sitting at a cafe or sweating it out at a high intensity class.

It’s functional and fashionable fitness wear that you can live in.

Want to be Happily Active with us?

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